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Lol at ZERO law professors coming out against the farce of 30 year old    09/20/18  (61)
what's the best lightly used luxury car?    09/20/18  (57)
not drinking or smoking is fucking boring    09/20/18  (53)
Listen to Lawman8's logic on why I have multiple accounts.    09/20/18  (35)
Ford's attorney makes offer for Ford to testify before Senate (link)    09/20/18  (32)
Sorry libs, its over    09/20/18  (28)
BREAKING: Kavanaugh's fraternity "had a reputation for disrespecting women"    09/20/18  (26)
Chuck Todd: Kavanaugh should demand an FBI investigation so theres no asterisk    09/20/18  (26)
loaning a friend $5k    09/20/18  (26)
List great men who's works we all must enjoy    09/20/18  (25)
dad got fired because of #metoo :(    09/20/18  (23)
you can only go so far in trying to 'criminalize' male sexuality    09/20/18  (23)
I have a theory that TSINAH did theater in High School. 95% confident.    09/20/18  (22)
NYT: The case for impeaching Kavanaugh    09/20/18  (21)
the beauty of a thing is in its temporality    09/20/18  (18)
When Dems regain White House they will use FBI to investigate their enemies    09/20/18  (17)
Is fargo s3 good?    09/20/18  (16)
Jet Airways Passengers Bleed After Pilots Forget To Pressurize Cabin    09/20/18  (16)
Wise latina connects the dots, proves kav guilty :(    09/20/18  (16)
Can you imagine some sketchy incident from HS seems to blow over for 35 years    09/20/18  (15)
Amy Chua allegedly advised female students to have a certain look for Kav clerks    09/20/18  (14)
Beto ORourke calls niggers "cotton pickers" for some reason    09/20/18  (14)
Top 5 ALPHAS in human history    09/20/18  (14)
*Official* XOXO Nebraska vs. TTT Michigan Game Thread - 9-22-2018    09/20/18  (13)
List things you can do as if you were playing the piano    09/20/18  (13)
Are bass players just low iq guitarists?    09/20/18  (13)
what did i miss today    09/20/18  (12)
Listening to Classical Music tonight    09/20/18  (12)
Rate this financial advice from homeless trucker (Bedroom Bully)    09/20/18  (11)
Long anogenital distance gf lied to me    09/20/18  (11)
Billionnaire added me on LinkedIn. I accepted and messaged him. No response.    09/20/18  (11)
Crippling salted pistachio addiction    09/20/18  (11)
Faggot: The Gathering    09/20/18  (10)
so where we used to blame "global corporations", now we blame "jews"?    09/20/18  (9)
More alpha: Hugh Hefner in his prime or Trump?    09/20/18  (9)
gum on the sidewalk in a cartoon only exists to be stepped on    09/20/18  (9)
Jews don't have a motivation for killing the White race    09/20/18  (8)
How can I get Percocet from a doctor?    09/20/18  (8)
women are natural traitors. watch this woman hold up plane for deported Muslim    09/20/18  (8)
Brett "yes means anal" Kavanaugh    09/20/18  (8)
Harvard to award medal to Kaepernick    09/20/18  (8)
Will Nebraska be 0-4 this weekend :D?    09/20/18  (8)
Asked my friend for a sip of his water, him: "Say please." what. the. fuck?    09/20/18  (8)
I want to make one thing very clear: I am the only Upset Jew TP    09/20/18  (8)
Suge Knight gets 28 years in prison for poor judgment while driving    09/20/18  (7)
Google employees altered search results to protest Trump's travel ban    09/20/18  (7)
So Corey Booker wrote column detailing a sexual assault he committed in HS?    09/20/18  (7)
CNN Breaking: Chris Garrett in a white Ford Bronco heading south on I-81    09/20/18  (7)