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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
remember the Chad tug? was 180    06/17/18  (4)
Secret ballot thread has been updated with actual link ur welcome    06/17/18  (33)
Wtf girl Im dating wakes up in the middle of the night to eat    06/17/18  (8)
Sometimes you just need to eat a 48oz steak and then swing a mattock at a tree    06/17/18  (1)
Happy father's day from Planned Parenthood - but only if ur an illegal alien    06/17/18  (1)
Landon Donovan: fuck USA soccer. VIVA MEXICO!    06/17/18  (10)
HBO execs apologize for Westworld s2 (Forbes)    06/17/18  (8)
What porns do you watch with your dad on fathers day?    06/17/18  (4)
just switched to android from iPhone. wow these phones suck    06/17/18  (1)
Andrew Anglin with a very special Father's day message    06/17/18  (8)
Just found out BlueSmoke's salary    06/17/18  (115)
Who is the angriest unhappiest poster?    06/17/18  (2)
Which one is worse......your XO addiction or Pr0n addiction?    06/17/18  (9)
Would you rather live in chicago or seattle?    06/17/18  (5)
what is THE most CR major city in the WORLD to live in    06/17/18  (124)
anyone else get a fathers day bj from daughter?    06/17/18  (2)
Just watched big black guy refuse to pay his bar tab    06/17/18  (13)
Connected former trump campaign official says mueller probe about to end    06/17/18  (6)
Papadopolous wife BEGS Trump to pardon piddling false statement conviction, why?    06/17/18  (16)
Libs: Can't tell if this is real or not    06/17/18  (12)
ljl dems are seriously tripling down on this illegal family separation shit    06/17/18  (1)
ITT Poast extremely rare disorders/syndromes that affect humans    06/17/18  (12)
Remember when :D bullied CGM off the bord w/ snide anti-libertarian 1-liners and    06/17/18  (24)
Reminder: this is a top-tier (5%) Asian girl (DTP)    06/17/18  (7)
what is the best available concealed carry revolver?    06/17/18  (36)
You know bros in their 20s who backpack other countries w girlfriend, how humor    06/17/18  (10)
What kind of country makes men pay for the education of foreigner's children?    06/17/18  (10)
backspace | holdup | arkan | ALL FUCKING RUSSIANS lmao    06/17/18  (31)
Kushner's Democrat lawyer confirms he's cooperating    06/17/18  (3)
"So much for that stereotype!" the white girl says to an Asian man, why?    06/17/18  (35)
This is your typical mid-20s white woman these days (DTP)    06/17/18  (42)
Told my dad I wish he never had me for Fathers Day    06/17/18  (5)
Guy living in First World Country that maed it to the World Cup here, sup    06/17/18  (6)
LOL @ this story abt Trump WH struggling to find staff, recruiting at job fairs    06/17/18  (10)
Was your wife's son confused or conflicted today?    06/17/18  (2)
XO needs to create a Hitleresque salute for Trumpmos    06/17/18  (3)
Best Pop Punk Bassist    06/17/18  (11)
Clothmos are homos, and homos are clothmos, so don't wear trunks, DON'T wear tru    06/17/18  (1)
Eminem = 115 IQ bro who MAXd OUT his IQ?    06/17/18  (5)
Westworld s2 vs. True Detective s2    06/17/18  (2)
Would you enter a bodybuilding contest if you looked like this?    06/17/18  (13)
Trumptard to Judge: "The DA wants to put me in jail. How's that not bias?"    06/17/18  (7)
Do you all think boner police will let me suck his dick?    06/17/18  (17)
your dad at the grill on the porch "son tell your friends the burgers are about    06/17/18  (9)
"Yes Glaucon, but what of the cock?"    06/17/18  (113)
Cow Goes Moo: Was that "better off in that instant of time" thin    06/17/18  (109)
i think you should kill yourself dilbert    06/17/18  (7)
PROTIP: Tell your bartender that you want your negroni with "extra negro"    06/17/18  (1)
Sir, are you sure you want to legally change your name to "Mewling Sex Kitten"?    06/17/18  (5)
SUICIDE PACT: we kill ourselves if crypto doesn't moon in 6 months (DTP)    06/17/18  (1)
MAGA-hatted cuties at 'Conservative Conference' (NYT)    06/17/18  (32)
I prefer the John Krupa special to lugar's porterhouse    06/17/18  (22)
walked out of mass this morning    06/17/18  (42)
good time to build a PC now that crypto is dead?    06/17/18  (2)
I told my wife and kid today, "this is why men become workaholics"    06/17/18  (2)
ITT times you were pretty sure you were going to die    06/17/18  (42)
Manuel Ferrara wins second consecutive US Open    06/17/18  (3)
RSF Sr. Saying "I've never been more proud of you son", why?    06/17/18  (3)
2018: Now we have to worry if new GF performed Analingus on Chad/Darnell    06/17/18  (2)
Manafort superseding indictment is devastating. Countdown to cooperation deal    06/17/18  (86)
kid acting all high and mighty because i left a shit stain on the new toilet.    06/17/18  (13)
How long before Manafort breaks and starts cooperating?    06/17/18  (39)
Subhuman Russians hacked IoT devices, routers of millions of U.S. citizens    06/17/18  (20)
WTF pics of krokodil from Russia    06/17/18  (15)
Jeremy Renner tapped for Andrew Anglin biopic, Ben Affleck to direct (Variety    06/17/18  (6)
Damn Daddy I'll keep making the smokey bones reservations. Next yr maybe?    06/17/18  (1)
RUSSIANS: Explain "krokodil"    06/17/18  (20)
Kid was bitching because he's tired of his Wii U. What's the credited new game s    06/17/18  (14)
The Unbearable Whiteness of Arrested Development. (Slate)    06/17/18  (2)
PSA: Looting's over. Only sunscreen and Fathers day cards left    06/17/18  (25)
Trump tweets: Happy Fathers Day to all the losers and haters    06/17/18  (4)
are bunnies OUT IN FORCE in your neighborhood too?    06/17/18  (10)
The Drunkard: salad, John Krupa Special, fries, bottle of 101, Diet Coke    06/17/18  (4)
Spider-man PS4 looks kind of boring to be honest    06/17/18  (11)
Id just hit 20,000 hours billed for the Firm that Monday. A meeting was set    06/17/18  (3)
I want and will never attain a thick country girl    06/17/18  (52)
Spent last few weeks in suburbs. Shocking how much happier they are ...    06/17/18  (60)
Whoever created that Allstate commercial where the bitch laughs after her pussy    06/17/18  (9)
libs have been wrong about Trump literally every day for 3yrs?    06/17/18  (2)
Printed boarding pass and tsa pre check wasn't there. Why the F not?    06/17/18  (5)
Zero-Tolerance In Full-Effect: ICE Arrests 16 Illegals in Montana!    06/17/18  (20)
Former xo poster and YLS grad/biglawyer now poker pro?    06/17/18  (19)
How did subhuman Russians (tundra monkeys) invent nukes just 5 years after US?    06/17/18  (15)
Rate this Dreamer's harvard ug admissions video essay.    06/17/18  (9)
i always lmao picturing the misshapen broken bodies of XOers who "lift"    06/17/18  (23)
I am living off the government. Thank you Taxpayers :)    06/17/18  (10)
Remember after 9/11 we could yell at Tommy Turdskins and planes would boot them    06/17/18  (1)
Any Condo owners here?    06/17/18  (4)
prehistoric caterpillars were the size of buses (scientists)    06/17/18  (3)
Steve Albini won a WSOP bracelet    06/17/18  (10)
To appease its Jews, Harvard to allow azn females all the azn quota spots.    06/17/18  (1)
Krugman: "But now a barbarian invasion seems likely to tear it all down."    06/17/18  (1)
Obese AutoAdmit poster collapses on the W train, dies from massive heart attack    06/17/18  (9)
"You don't get nutrition, Keto is the best diet" *heart attack at 49*    06/17/18  (1)
Putin to give brown turd Armenians Su-30s to kill brown turd Azeris with    06/17/18  (1)
Is orthodox Calvinism Cr?    06/17/18  (16)
So Chad fucks ur future wife in her 20s and 30 years later you get throat cancer    06/17/18  (5)
Tim Allen literally destroys Israel and Bibi in Washpo op-ed.    06/17/18  (49)
CLS guide isn't Jewish, just loves Israel & Jewess threads    06/17/18  (12)
Just saw solo, thought it was pretty good    06/17/18  (5)
Trigun is the best anime    06/17/18  (1)
TCTP officially on California unemployement benefits    06/17/18  (48)
Where do NYC public defenders and ADAs live?    06/17/18  (22)
remember 1 thing: NOAA starts hurricanes with giant offshore fans    06/17/18  (2)
Wife acting all holier than thou because i took all the hotel shampoo    06/17/18  (6)
Rate this group of XO poasters in an Eagles cover band    06/17/18  (2)
TTs virtual office is now in LA    06/17/18  (35)
Kid won "Character Award--Gratitude Certificate" at end of 2nd grade. whats that    06/17/18  (9)
who is watching the Cubs vs Cardinals game?    06/17/18  (14)
Robert Muellers Israel problem (Conservative Review)    06/17/18  (26)
rate this escort i fucked in the ass    06/17/18  (51)
Reminder: The Roman Church is a FOREIGN organization that wants open borders    06/17/18  (16)
*Accidentally texts "would bang [cute associate]" to the cute associate*    06/17/18  (6)
Walked in on my office mate today with her pants down, farting into a mason jar    06/17/18  (9)
Elon Musk: beware of "trickery" from lawyers.    06/17/18  (64)
Judas Jones: How was Paris? Did you make it to Roland Garros? #tennis    06/17/18  (14)
Hi! My son's name is Brooks Koepka. Yes, we're a simulation glitch.    06/17/18  (5)
Brooks Koepka? Is that the mean faggot from Super Mario?    06/17/18  (2)
Is Harvard actually going to lose the AA lawsuit?    06/17/18  (6)
Can someone provide a satisfactory proof of arithmetic?    06/17/18  (3)
Purposely sat in home and did not wish Dad Happy Fathers Day    06/17/18  (3)
name areas in America that have aesthetically appealing architecture. Not many    06/17/18  (3)
full vid or transcript of Sessions remarks about Romans 13    06/17/18  (16)
serious q: can kim jong un breathe through his nose?    06/17/18  (1)
America is for white people, and by white I mean Epsicopalian    06/17/18  (16)
RATE this 17yo DisneySLUT    06/17/18  (23)
Negress keeps messaging me on FB messenger    06/17/18  (4)
How do surgeons not get HIV from operating on blacks?    06/17/18  (7)
three years ago yesterday    06/17/18  (2)
Chimped out at the supermarket today    06/17/18  (20)
unreal that rosenstein HID "we'll stop him" text from CONGRESS    06/17/18  (1)
50 emails from your dad in your spam folder with subj: "Just checking in"    06/17/18  (35)
Epah father day (pic)    06/17/18  (25)
For sale, "#1 Son" t-shirt, never worn.    06/17/18  (85)
foreigners! agents provocateur!    06/17/18  (1)
We're in late Roman Republic times when political enemies get got after office    06/17/18  (10)
"He really missed you these last few years" your dads buddy says 2 u @ his wake    06/17/18  (78)
if you've been outed, you probably deserve it    06/17/18  (63)
hope my son remembers me this weekend    06/17/18  (8)
sent my dad a strippergram, he sent me a pic of the two posing with him, mom ir8    06/17/18  (2)
At 16 all I wanted was a punk rock gf    06/17/18  (19)
"Burgers, come get 'embwhile they're hot!" calls Dad from the grill out back    06/17/18  (94)
what about, as a salutation, "I yearn for your perfumed breast."    06/17/18  (2)
JFC my sister is an insufferable cunt.    06/17/18  (6)
So my mom has decided to join mensa    06/17/18  (19)
Fucked my first CZECH REPUBLIC girl last night(4 total in July)(NYUUG)Taking ?s    06/17/18  (55)
haha no seriously Ive always dreamed of being a stepdad    06/17/18  (18)
How did plastic surgery make Kylie Jenner so hot?    06/17/18  (7)
Feminist Bookstore Closes From Lack of Sales, Blames White Men    06/17/18  (27)
Things on my mind these days    06/17/18  (6)

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